Saturday, February 24, 2007
posted by Q6 at 12:21 PM
Having a week off from school for the Presidents' Holidays is a double edged sword: on the one hand, you want to accomplish that which you now have time for, and on the other, you want to spend the down time actually being down. During the entire week off, I only went into the office twice (once to meet someone who wasn't actually there--though it was a GREAT bike ride--and once to change the marquees before everyone showed up on Monday). For the rest of the week, I got little odds and ends done. I finished putting years of photos in large collage frames and hung them in my house. I got to spend the weekend with my daughter. I hung my son's new punching bag in the garage without actually breaking the garage. I worked on a new doghouse for the pooch (though it's still LONG from finished). I visited with family, got to read, learned some new HTML stuff for my blogs, and I got to rest. It's probably the most "break" I've had in quite some time.

I may just get the hang of this relaxing thing yet. :)


At 6:03 AM, Anonymous The Girlfriend

You might at that!