Thursday, June 18, 2009
posted by Q6 at 8:54 PM
Finally, a chance to blog.

It's been a while, and quite a few things have happened about which I would like to blog. Perhaps with the summer "vacation" now here (administrators work year-round, but it's slower) I'll be able to get to some of it: happenings at my current school, happenings at my former school, and things I've seen in the news about which I have opinions.

But first, I think I'll bring you up to speed on my transfer.

Two weeks ago I was officially told that I'd be transferring to a high school next year--told by the Assistant Superintendent, a man who, apparently, it would kill to say something nice about me to my face. Earlier this week I met with the principal with whom I'll be working. Fortunately I didn't get blindsided by anything; this man's been running this particular high school since before I joined the district, and I've heard plenty of stories (some good, some bad, some unbelievable, some mildly worrisome). I honestly don't know how much I'll get to post about this new assignment--the principal likes his people to be loyal, play things close to the vest. I'm reminding myself that this blog is anonymous (those who know my secret identity: consider yourselves reminded). My new school made the paper three times this week over some athletic issues . . . fortunately, that won't be my department.

I'll be handling Campus Safety (with the help of three security officers who, according to my soon-to-be-predecessor, aren't all that helpful), Activities Oversight (I'm told the Activities Director is great, but her assistant is not), and School Discipline. Four grades of it. I'll be the only AP working discipline--and THAT'S the part that's got me scared the most. It's going to be a lot of work, it's going to be labor-intensive, and I'm apparently not going to have a whole lot of competent people to back me up. What's more, I don't think my new boss is going to give me a whole lot of time to prove myself.

The only fact easing my mind at the moment is that the person I'm taking over for has been doing this for two years, and it's not like she's a quivering puddle of goo or anything. So maybe it's something I can pull off after all.

I'm still a little worried, though.

* Hitchhiker's Guide fans know what I'm talkin' about.