Tuesday, January 09, 2007
posted by Q6 at 5:03 PM
You know how when you do a big update to your computer, you always hold your breath and clench your fists until you know it ends ok? Yeah, this week's gonna be a lot like that, I think.

We switched over to a new Active Directory over the Winter Holiday. It was supposed to be seamless. "You won't even really notice a difference" said the memo from IT. We're already having problems with the printers--since we had a power outage when the geek squad showed to install them on the network--as well as the attendance office equipment. Then we had problems with the Internet. Like cold maple syrup, the Internet dripped slowly all over campus; and teachers, like elderly drivers, browsed leisurely about their day . . . while visions of twirling hourglasses danced in students' heads. (The BIG joke: the problem with the Internet feed was at the County Office . . . the office we got our feed from because it would be so fast.)

We've spent all this time and money to get everything automated (and become addicted) and use the full power of the Internet. What do we now lack? The Internet, and power.

* It's a movie reference. With a computer that fails. Kinda relevant.