Tuesday, April 13, 2010
posted by Q6 at 2:07 PM
In an attempt to improve communication on our campus, a box will be created--with a lock on it, no less--for teachers and staff to submit complaints and concerns . . . about anything, but primarily about the administration. Moreover, a committee will be formed (union reps excluded) to sort, prioritize, validate, and communicate these complaints.

You need a moment to roll your eyes. Go ahead; I'll wait.

As I understand it, we're dealing with a teaching staff that lost faith in its administration/principal quite a while back. Some of those who have complained in the past feel they've been punished in various ways (difficult schedule changes, finding problems, etc.) and now everyone keeps their input and problems to themselves, fearing reprisals. Since transferring here last summer I've managed to keep myself out of the mud fight for the most part.

Nontheless, I hope no one asks my opinion of our new complaint box. As much as I want to be/seem a team player, this is a stupid move. It makes a very bold, very public statement, one that is insulting to every adult on campus: we have become incapable of talking to each other. In fact, we have actually invented ways to avoid talking to one another. This box represents the first brink in the large wall we are about to build between us.

I suppose I can understand how the fear of reprisals has sparked a need for the anonymity of those who would lodge complaints; there's got to be a better way than this, though.