Thursday, December 21, 2006
posted by Q6 at 7:14 AM
The Music Department at our school never fails to please. The vocal concert last night--including the Concert Choir, several soloists, and the Madrigals--was pure delight. The students work very hard, and demonstrate that hard work pays off. I know that many, or at least some, of these kids will be professional someday (I even joked to my girlfriend that, for some anniversary years from now, I'd like to go to New York and see a show on Broadway . . . whatever show that R---- D---- (student) happens to be in).

What really makes the whole thing work, however, is the teacher. We have one (he has assistants, and a kick-ass accompanist), and he handles the entire program. When you think about everything it takes to make a music department successful, it's amazing that one guy can pull it off. (We're not just talking singers here; he's got three or four major instrumental groups as well.) He is truly one of the best teachers, the best artists--one of the best people--on this campus.

AND he himself plays a mean sax . . .


At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

Amen, Q6. You are certainly right about him being one of the Good People of the Earth. I wish there were more like him. I know he watches "Heroes"; I'm not sure he realizes he's one of them.


At 10:52 PM, Anonymous VJ

I am tremendously humbled, sir. One usually doesn't have such things said about them until their funeral. (Well, perhaps that's a bit morbid). I thank you for your kind words!