Wednesday, January 05, 2011
posted by Q6 at 9:20 AM
It's been nothing but complants today. You'd think that the two week holiday break would have mellowed people for a little longer; instead, it seems the urge to complain has just been incubating with no release until now.

Students with attendance problems and low grades want permission to attend another school's dance.

Parents want the teachers to "lay off" their kids and give them extra chances to do things they've deliberately blown off.

Teachers want the computers to start doing more of their jobs for them.

Me, I've just come back from what I considered to be a refreshing (if quirky) holiday break. I spent more thime than I usually would have visiting other people, but I still got to spend time writing, reading, playing with my new toys, and hanging out with the love of my life. I'd have thought that the urge to run screaming from my job would have abated somewhat, but here I am only three days back, and already I'm again thinking about how to change professions.

Looks like we ALL got back into the swing of things in record time.