Tuesday, February 12, 2008
posted by Q6 at 9:41 PM
I've mentioned before that the students at my school are in dire need of a severe humbling experience. We have one student in particular, a junior, who needs this more than most.

This kid walks around campus day in and day out as if the whole school is under his control (it doesn't help that certain high-ranking staff members have contributed to this). He's had issues with the school's music program in the past, and the music program gets undeserved flak as a result. He's in an AP class that has endured teacher-competence problems, and has been reporting information to his classmates that has, at best, a casual relationship with the truth (including, according to reports that he denies, erroneous claims that he got the teacher fired and is helping to choose the replacement).

His folly--and it's long overdue, believe me--was relaying information about the interview process for the new football coach (including, again, exaggerated accounts of his level of involvement). After being told not to convey any information, he did so. So he's out. He met with all three administrators present and was given the "opportunity to step down." He took it, and I made damn sure he knew how upset we were with the situation. In the end, it was clear that he was getting an education in the way things work around here--and he knew it. I don't hate the kid, but I have the obvious problem with the crafted perception he's presenting to the student body.

So the humbling experience is possible in some cases. One down, two thousand to go.