Monday, January 07, 2008
posted by Q6 at 9:37 PM
If you read this blog with any regularity then it's no surprise to you that I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with my job. We just came off of the best two-week Winter Break I've had in my life (largely due to my fiancee and kids), and I returned to work today with all the excitement of a child on his way to the dentist.

I'm all for efficiency and doing a good job, but there came a point about a month and a half ago where I peaked, and now everything seems to be catching up to me. I'm becoming . . . bored, I think. Today I had a hard time finding enough to do, and those things I had didn't carry with them any urgency or meaning. For a long while, we were getting this school back on focus, and that was great; now, we're more or less there, and the machine just has to run for a while before there's more for me to fix.

A lot of this is my perspective at work, so I accept full responsibility for the mood I'm in. I put myself in such a bad mood that I think I hurt someone's feelings on the phone earlier tonight, and I know I'll be kicking myself for a while about it.

I gotta find a way out of this funk . . .


At 10:48 PM, Anonymous english maven

She's OK. Trust her.


At 11:07 PM, Blogger Mark

Well, unless you can turn your work into a game, it might be time to ask yourself how much of a wage slave you're willing to be, before you either burn out or fade away.

Maybe things aren't that bad, though. Is it time to make a pro/con list?

I think you'll be able to find joy in your work again, though. Reading between the lines of your blog posts for the past year or so, I think your dedication to your students and colleagues always shines through.