Saturday, January 26, 2008
posted by Q6 at 4:50 PM

There are social boundaries that you just don't cross. Today we have laws and rights that get in the way of this philosophy, but in the days of yore if a person was wronged in some way he was entitled to satisfaction--in the form of compensation or, in many cases, revenge (even to the point of violent beating or death, and even for what would be consider "minor" offenses today).

My iPod got ripped off today. I was at work for the SAT test, and I'd been listening to it in my office while I prepped the test. I left my office around 7:10, got the proctors briefed, got the students to their testing rooms, and went back to my office to find the dock sitting there, empty.

That's right--my 30-gig-bundle-of-80s-goodness wasn't swiped from a bag in a public place or carelessly left in a classroom or anything, it was docked on my desk in the administration building. (The building was unlocked, for the test staff needs to get in and don't have keys, but that's not my point.) What bothers me most is a toss up: (a) I'll never find the thief, and (b) there are unwritten social mores that dictate things you just don't do. It could have been any of the 250 registered examinees, but it was more likely one of the 25 students there for Saturday detention (some of whom were placed there by my hand).

My hope is that I find out who did it at some point. I've already purchased a replacement iPod, and I have all the music in iTunes, so compensation isn't really my goal. My hope is that I can, through very calm, reserved, Godfather-like behavior make the kid look over his/her shoulder in unbridled fear for the next several months. Seriously, I'd do nothing at all. No detention, no suspension, just quiet demeanor and passive looks that suggest "It's coming, just wait."

Is it proper for someone in my position to intimidate a kid? Perhaps not; but it's not like I can challenge the little shit to a duel or anything.



At 12:31 PM, Blogger Maestro

This is the part where I fail at connecting with today's youth. Well, at least today's nere-do-wells: An empty admin building kind of screams "off limits" Then there's the whole taking form the desk of an admin himself... that's like stealing the jewel from the eye of the holy statue from the middle of the temple.

But, that being the case... do you suppose said thief will be bursting at the seams to tell all their friends who they stole the iPod from, and from where? Usually when people get caught it's becuade they can't keep their deeds a secret... they have to go for the glory.