Sunday, November 25, 2007
posted by Q6 at 9:17 PM
This is my fifteenth year in the education business, my ninth year as an administrator, and my seventh year as an Assistant Principal at my school. Though I've often spoken about how I'd like to go back into the classroom--or into something else entirely--I sometimes forget those numbers. This job is a big part of my life, and maybe TOO big a part. Here's why:

1) I was only a few seconds away from dress-coding a college student at a local market.

2) Occasionally, I answer the phone at home using my school name and title.

3) I've posted personal stuff on my work blog, and vice-versa. (Which blog is this again?)

4) I've threatened my own kid--who doesn't even attend my school--with Saturday detention.

5) All my Internet purchases are delivered to my work address.

6) When parking at the supermarket, I complain that "those" cars don't have staff decals.

7) At Thanksgiving, people asked, "How are you?" and I immediately listed the open projects on my desk.

8) I check personal e-mail three times a day. I check work e-mail every 20 minutes.

No wonder I can't get my novel written. Or started. Or--nevermind.