Thursday, December 14, 2006
posted by Q6 at 2:46 PM
Since [our] school gets out so close to the actual Christmas Holiday, the district office has decreed that Friday, December 22 will be a minimum day. (We'll forget, for a moment, that the school year steamrolls right over Hanukkah; it's not our biggest holiday, anyway.) We had a rally scheduled for the 22nd (one which interferes with classtime and requires a separate bell schedule), and we've decided not to change that, presumably so that the 25 kids who show up on the minimum day before the two weeks off can enjoy the rally. As the resident bell-schedule-maker around here, I get to do the math and create all the schedules: the regular bell schedule, the final exam schedule; the late start schedule . . . (I can go on; we have 8 different bell schedules).

I've created a "Minimum Day/Rally" Schedule: 30 minute classes, 30 minute rally, 15 minute break, out at 12:30. If only I could find a way to squeeze a lockdown drill and parent conferences into it as well . . .