Wednesday, June 20, 2007
posted by Q6 at 4:35 PM
I'll say this for the streakers that ran through the quad today at break: they're a lot less fazed by public nudity than those of years past. One kid just stood there for, like, 15 seconds (which is an eternity when you're naked) when he saw I was blocking his exit. I managed to follow him to his getaway car, but I didn't make the plate (note to other administrators: we don't typically try all that hard to catch these guys, since they'd have to become registered sex offenders; we're not happy about streaking, but we're not cruel--besides, two hours later everyone knows who did it). Of course, the only two idiots to be late to third period AND out of breath wouldn't cop to it.

The ordeal did have its plusses, though: the younger students, the seventh graders, were sort of grossed out by it. And, I must say, those little kids have to have WONDERFUL self esteem right now . . . more than one said they expected seniors to be, um, bigger.



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