Wednesday, June 13, 2007
posted by Q6 at 10:31 AM
Our school site is near the beach, but not so close that the quad should smell like dead fish in the morning. I can only deduce, therefore, that the end-of-the-year pranks have begun.

Squid in the trees. I gotta be honest: it's not very inventive. Moreover, I still don't understand why the pranks have to be destructive. There are plenty of practical jokes that don't break or damage anything, they're funny, and most of all they're inventive. It seems that the same old proanks are being done year after year: let's spray paint things on the buildings; let's break things; let's streak the quad at break. All we'd have to do is keep them from walking graduation one year, and we'd be done with it. One group, one year--that's all it would take.

I'd even be willing to quietly float the idea that no one would get busted if it were non-damaging, legal, and creative.



At 4:53 PM, Anonymous the fiancee

Hey, me too. I think there are kids who might take us up on it...