Monday, April 09, 2007
posted by Q6 at 11:28 PM
The people at my school are displeased. I should know--I'm one of them.

The five of you that read this blog are by now well aware of my distaste for the recent goings-on of my campus. Where I might once have spent as much as half my Spring Break in the office getting caught up (or even ahead!) of things, I have NO interest or motivation to come in to the office this week, and have brought home only a small box of stuff to work on, all of which can be done from home on the computer. My office was once a place that I felt comfortable in, a place that I could truly call a home away from home. Now I'm like all those comic strip characters who keep their heads down in the hopes that no eye contact is made with "the boss." I've read blogs kept by teachers at my school who are just as unhappy, both with the district for the salary woes and the school for the direction in which it is (or isn't?) going.

I haven't even touched the box, by the way.


At 7:52 AM, Blogger Maestro

I find myself having to be careful now, that I am not consumed by what "the boss" makes me feel. My reasons for staying are stronger yet than my reasons for leaving....and I feel more like the trench soldier who has long since abandoned what ever motivation that the high command has given for the war, but soldier on for his commrades with whom he shares a bond.

I know its easier for me to find solice in that, as my office isn't as close to ground zero as yours is. But I get a lot of strength from the students and my colleagues , who are among the best at what they do, regardless of what the numbers say.