Tuesday, March 27, 2007
posted by Q6 at 8:49 PM
The five of you that read this blog know what I have against PowerPoint presentations. I've blogged once or twice about how most people turn PowerPoint into meeting-based agony. They should just e-mail me the .pps file, sit down, and shut up.

Want to see an OUTSTANDING PowerPoint presentation? Have I got a teacher for you! I observed a Spanish 1 class today (learned more Spanish in those 45 minutes than I did in the whole 10th grade, by the way), and the teacher had this kickass Powerpoint. In teaching her lesson, one about comparisons, she stood before the screen with the remote in her hand and asked students about the objects and people that danced around her. Using the animation functions, she made the pictures slide in and out of the frame around her while she spoke. She used this program as part of her presentation, not as the presentation itself. It was the best use of a PowerPoint I've seen on this campus in years.

Best part for her? I was there to prepare her evaluation. :)