Sunday, November 20, 2005
posted by Q6 at 4:44 PM
Last week's school play, "Rumors" by Neil Simon, was an amazing production with a very large and talented student cast. The set design was, by far, the best I've seen in our theater, and the director (and drama advisor) has done a wonderful job putting it together.

Basically a dinner party gone bad, "Rumors" presents the humorous situation of about ten people trying to make sense of the evening with only about half the information--but each person knows a different half. Each character steals the show in his or her own way: Chris (Ashley C.) tries--and fails--to hold it together in true comedic fashion; Ken (Drew M.) turns temporary hearing loss into an art form; Claire (Maggie D.) manages to hold herself above it all while being right in the thick of it; Leonard (Jacob T.) handles the mayhem as only Neil Simon could hope (and plays his character by channeling Lewis Black and Matt LeBlanc); Ernie (Robby D.) goes from psychiatrist to psychotic in short and hilarious order; Cookie (Amy H.) shines as partially air-headed and all-the-way funny; Glen (Kenneth C.) tries to protect his political campaign right up until the part where he blows it; and Cassie (Kathryn C.) brings the hilarity to a new level just when you expect it the least. Even the police officers (Kelly A. and David A.) bring something extra to this party as they try (and fail?) to make sense out of a complete evening of nonsense.

As I told the cast in my "thank you for a wonderful evening" letter, if the school's faculty ever manages to finally put together a show of their own, we could all learn a thing or two from this group.