Thursday, September 11, 2008
posted by Q6 at 9:23 AM
When last I blogged, major changes were afoot: I was changing school sites (and not at all looking forward to it), I was about to get married (and was very MUCH looking forward to it), and summer vacation was about to end. A "Season of Change," to be sure.

Added to that are other topics to discuss: the State of California is still budgetless; a couple of people have proposed changes to things (like the drinking age and spelling) that make no sense; and, apparently, there's an election coming up. There are other things, of course--some of them will be blogged here, and others are better suited for my personal blog. In any event, I think I may now have found the time to get back to full-time blogging. My friends have managed to get back into the swing of it, and even my wife has made her way back to the blogosphere. It's my turn.

And it's good to be back.