Wednesday, October 17, 2007
posted by Q6 at 6:01 PM
For the first time in my career--a career now in its fifteenth year--I have my own assistant. (I prefer "assistant" to "secretary," though she doesn't have a preference . . . just as long as I don't call her "ma'am.")

Part of me is a control freak, which means I've always done all of my own work (right down to the typing and filing). It's been that way since I was young. My mother is a bit OCD, and it's rubbed off on me in some ways, but it has more to do with what she taught me long ago: do one thing at a time, do it well, do it until it is done, and do it like it's the only thing they'll ever see you do. Seriously, how could you not become a control freak with a philosophy like that? I even gave her control of my work schedule (which was a HUGE leap for me), and I'm pretty sure she didn't even see my hands tremble when I gave it to her.

At first I thought, "Great, another mouth to feed. I'll never come up with enough for her to do." She wasn't someone I interviewed; she was originally hired for another position, and inadvertently got reassigned to me for half days. Funny thing is--and this is really strange to me, because I don't usually have this kind of luck where I work--she's exactly who I would have hired for the job. She's efficient, she's thorough, she's a quick learner, and she puts up with my quirky way of doing things (including my sense of humor, which can be taxing).

In four (or so) short weeks, I went from "What am I going to do with an assistant?" to "How have I been doing this job for six years without one?" She's doing a fantastic job, and at some point soon I'll take her to lunch to show my gratitude . . . . that's what bosses do, right? I've never been one before.



At 12:55 PM, Anonymous the 'assistant'

Wow! I think that's about the nicest 'review' I've ever received! I'm so pleased that I got moved over to help you (and am actually doing so). It's been a great transition for me coming back into the work 'force' after ten years being absent (bad choice of words, sorry). I have to say if I didn't love coming to work everyday (I do) I would hate my job (which I don't)...that's THANKS to you. And, btw, the other 'assistants' are so jealous because they are seeing for the first time what a great boss you are ;) Looking forward to lunch! (No, I'm NOT a good brown-noser)!