Monday, March 13, 2006
posted by Q6 at 4:09 PM
Measure A is a bond measure which provided schools in our area with an obscene amount of modernization money—money which, apparently, we can only receive if we use it to modernize things like paint, lights, and flooring (things that are, in school terms, highly perishable and anything but “modern”). The entire program also seems to insure that certain aspects of our facility that failed to function properly would, when modernization is complete, still fail to function.

Case in point: the English Department Office. (I refer to it as “the fishbowl” for two reasons: first, it is a six-by-six foot room that is entirely encased in glass and sits in a high-traffic hallway for everyone to see; second, I have a penchant for assigning quippy names for things, names that almost always fail to catch on.) This little cell has never had appropriate climate control, which is to say the air conditioning works far too well. As a result, English teachers have spent their supplementary grading time in the library, in classrooms, and even in the front office where certain administrators (myself excluded) think it a terrible idea to actually present the idea that someone is working harder than they are.

Measure A has now finished that part of campus in which the frozen fishbowl is contained, and its Arctic climes continue to drive working people into the light of day. We are, if nothing else, terribly consistent.